Falcon House Concerts

Falcon Audio Visual Arts is happy to announce a series of monthly house concerts, performed live in our Whitby studio.

Given the absence of live music venues, we have created a space where artists can perform for audiences all over the world—as if they were in someone’s living room (which, in fact, they will be—namely ours).

On the third Thursday of every month for the foreseeable future, we will stage a livestreamed video concert, featuring a mix of solo performers, duos and the occasional trio. Initially we’ll have to limit the audience to significant others, but eventually we hope to offer limited seating to those wishing to attend in person.

As per usual with house concerts, these performances are free and open to all who can get within eyeball distance of a computer screen. But, as per usual with house concerts, we hope our viewers will support the performers by chucking a few bucks, quid, dollars, euros into the proverbial tip jar. These donations can be made in any denomination/currency via PayPal.me/Tulip0852, even if you don’t have a PayPal account. During the concert, the PayPal account information will be visible below the viewing screen. Donations are gladly accepted up to a week after the concert date. Falcon Audio Visual Arts will disperse the money collected: 80% to the artists or their designated beneficiaries; 20% to the studio for overhead expenses.

To tune into the livestream event, go to https://www.youtube.com/user/Tulip0852/live. This will automatically take you to the Falcon House Concert “stage,” where you can catch a few minutes of pre-show entertainment and adjust your settings accordingly. If you are unable to catch the live broadcast (because of time zone challenges or worse: some of you may not have adequate computer capacity for livestreaming), you will be able to watch it at your convenience on YouTube for a week. After that, the videos will be available through the Falcon House Concert Archives.

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18 February 2021

Artists in the pipeline

Due to COVID-19 we are unable to guarantee guest appearances for now.

Hissyfit (Lynda Kelly and Hazel Richings)
John & Lynne Ward
The Jon Strong Band
Alan Reid
Tom Lewis
Roger Sutcliff

Past Performances

Jan 21 '21 - Rob van Sante
Dec17 '20 -
Richard Granger
Nov 19 '20 -
Meneely & Van Sante
Oct 15 '20 -
Alistair Russell
Sept 17 '20 -
Linda Hardcastle & Alan Rose

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